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Alison Handbag Organizer

Alison Handbag Organizer-Pordein

Alison Handbag Organizer

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If you've ever stuck a hand in your purse and shuffled through a sea of gum wrappers and lipsticks before finding exactly what it was that you were looking for, you're not alone. The struggle to keep a handbag in order is all too real, which is why we've released our Alison Handbag Organizer.

Our open-top felt organizer comes in three different sizes and has pockets perfect for everything from your phone to your lip balm.



  • Sturdy, light-weight design that does not add unnecessary bulk
  • Vertical storage allows you to sort and locate all your items with ease
  • Built with a removable insert to suit your needs
  • Prevents sagging on large totes, keeping them in shape and looking great

  • Allows you to move all your contents between bags with minimal effort



How do I choose the right size for me?

  1. Measure the internal dimensions of your bag
  2. Dimensions should be larger than the Organizer
  3. Consider the height of the bag to ensure that it does not affect the opening

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