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Hi, my name is Dylan and Pordein [por.deen] is my baby.


I have been loosely following the progress of plant based meat for a couple of years now. Allegedly its meat that looks and tastes like real meat but made completely from plants. Early on these plant based meats weren't very good and had little resemblance to the texture and taste we’re familiar with but as research has improved, these alternatives are quickly becoming viable (and tasty) solutions with even more benefits for the environment.


A big motivation for me is that the concept of factory farms isn't great. I’ve heard stories of cows that have never seen a blade of grass and pigs, which by most accounts are smarter than dogs, living their entire lives indoors on a slab of concrete. These factories are efficient; they're optimised for driving down costs, not for animal well-being, and as a self-confessed meat lover, it's not something I like to think about when I'm eating a steak or burger.


That is why I started Pordein. I derived the name from the Greek words Portfoli Deinosavron, which means Dinosaur Purse. The Dinosaur and Animal collection are homage to the wildlife, past and present, that we share our planet with. Not only do they look whimsical and adorable but you'll wear them with pride knowing that a percentage of the sales go towards a better life for our animal friends today and into the future. Part will go to The Good Food Institute for R&D into plant-based meats and part will go to Farm Sanctuary, shelters for animals saved from factory farming. My hope is that one day we will have developed a sustainable plant based substitute for meat that tastes like the real thing, but benefits our planet so much more agriculturally and environmentally.


China is the largest bag manufacturer in the world. They account for 99% of all manufactured handbags in the world but not every manufacturer is the same. A lot of suppliers are able to offer the same items, but they’re not necessarily the same quality. I went out and ordered samples from multiple manufacturers and found visible differences between them. You can definitely find cheaper bags online but you it’s true that you get what you pay for. Since building a relationship with the most reputable supplier, I’ve been able to ensure the quality of our bags as the best and guarantee total satisfaction with free replacements for any defects, and complete refunds if the bags don’t bring our customers joy.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come since launching in early 2019 and I’m glad Pordein can contribute to initiatives that I truly believe in. We still have a long way to go but we’ll never stop striving to be better.

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