Our Story

Hi, my name is Dylan and this the Pordein /ˈpɔːdiːn/ story.

As a boy who grew up in Australia, I learnt about the ‘farm crisis’ and slow collapse of our communities as independent businesses and farmers were driven down by the rise of concentrated industrial farming. These corporations were optimised for driving down costs, with animals sometimes kept in appalling conditions.

As a result, I have been following the progress of research on the development of plant-based meats. Plant-based meats are an innovative approach to replicate the composition of meat entirely out of plants. During its developmental stages, plant-based meats were unsuccessful in replicating the flavour, texture and overall satisfaction of eating meat. However, since 2018 the plant-based meat industry has experienced dramatic improvements in taste and texture, with many high-quality plant-based meats readily accessible on the market today.

This is where Pordein comes in. I derived the name from the Greek words Portfoli Deinosavron, which means Dinosaur Purse. The Dinosaur and Animal collection are homage to the wildlife, past and present, that we share our planet with. Not only do they look adorable but you can wear them with pride knowing that a percentage of the sales go towards a better life for our animal friends today and into the future. 5% of all sales are donated to The Good Food Institute for research into plant-based meats and Farm Sanctuary who provide shelter for animals rescued from factory farming. We thank you for making healthier and ethical choices for the sustainability of our home.

Here at Pordein, we value trust and transparency. All our bags are vegan and cruelty free. China is the largest bag manufacturer in the world and account for 99% of all manufactured handbags globally. Having ordered samples from multiple manufacturers with visible differences between them, please feel assured that the quality of our bags are the best. We have built a relationship with the most reputable supplier, and we can guarantee your total satisfaction. 

I’m proud of how far we’ve come since launching in early 2019 and I am glad that Pordein can contribute to initiatives that I truly believe in. We still have a long way to go, but we will never stop striving to be better.